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Housekeeping is so much more than just making the house clean. It’s all about learning.

Listening Skills / Following instructions

In order to be able to complete a housekeeping task, children have to learn both to listen to the chore assigned to them, and follow the instructions they are given. This is a great opportunity to develop quality listening skills – or, to find a solution to help kids get that information in other ways. For example, if you have a child who can’t follow verbal instructions, working with them to make a checklist card they can reference can be a great tool to teach them how to adapt situations to their personal needs.

Importance of Sequencing

Chores are all about understanding sequencing. You can vacuum if you haven’t picked the toys up off the floor. You need to wash the clothes before you put them in the dryer, etc. If you don’t do things in an intentional order, you can’t complete a task properly.

Organization Skills

This is a lesson in organization – and one that kids are easily adaptable to. Getting them to put things away in their proper places, or helping you to find a good, intentional home for random objects is a way to help them understand and develop organizational skills.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Almost all chores involve physical movement. A task like sweeping and vacuuming need the development of large muscle skills, whereas something like washing dishes might need more small motor skills and the use of fingers only. It’s a great way to include fitness into your day.


Responsibility is defined as answerable or accountable, as for something within one’s power, control, or management. Our kids learn how important it is to do what they are given. If your child has been assigned a chore, they need to do it. This teaches responsibility – following through and completing tasks, and diligence as well – making sure they’ve done the best that they can.


Life Skills

Learning how to take care of the place that you live is a very important life skill. Giving them the foundational skills to be successful is so helpful for their ability to have a clean house when they become independent and live away from home.


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